Adult Sunday School

There is a Sunday School class for every age.  Sunday School classes meet each week, 9:15 - 10:15 a.m.
Here is a list of our current classes:

Adult Class

Fellowship Hall

Taught by Ted Wallace. We are mainly a couples class, however we do have some people that attend without their spouse. Our class age ranges from 50’s-70’s. We also have opportunities for fellowship with a variety of get togethers a year.

Room 506

Taught by Dan Reynolds. The GIFT class is one of the primary vehicles for helping to develop spiritual growth in my life. Dan shares openly and we discuss current day trials, tribulations, and blessings as they relate to our Christian walk. All of this is done in a setting where everyone’s opinion counts as we continue to learn and walk with Jesus in our daily lives.

Adult Class

Room 405 Left

Taught by Roger Ihrig.

Senior Adult Class

Room 401

Taught by Al Black and Bev Darlington. Our class is for seniors, both men and women. We use a Bible-centered approach to teaching and apply it to the 21st century.

Senior Adult Men Class

Room 403

Taught by Larry Everman.

Adult Women Class

Room 405 Right

Taught by Nancy Wallace. Our class is a small group of senior ladies aged 60+. Our goals are to minister to each other and remain active in the church and its outreach in the community.

College & Career Class

Room 503

Taught by Bradley Hitch.