Christ Baptist Preschool

Christ Baptist Preschool provides a quality curriculum to meet the needs of each child. Our caring,experienced staff offers a nurturing environment that encourages children to explore,create and problem solve. Christ Baptist Preschool strives to provide an appropriate education for the whole child. The classes focus on the social,emotional, spiritual, physical and academic growth of each child, while encouraging them to become independent learners. At Christ Baptist Preschool, children learn that God loves them and that Jesus is a forever friend. For more information, please contact Christ Baptist Church at (859) 360-1819.


2.5-Year-Old Class

This program emphasizes social interaction along with basic motor skills. Children will be exposed to colors, shapes, letter and numbers through play and creative activities. This class is structured to meet the developing needs of children in the middle of the exciting and energetic year between two and three.

3-Year-Old Class

This program focuses on learning to socialize with other children while in an academic atmosphere. Shapes, colors, counting, letters and themes are incorporated in learning through art, music, fine and large motor activities and story time. Three year olds must be potty trained to attend this class.

4-Year-Old Class

This program focuses on pre-kindergarten skills and lays a foundation for reading and math by exposing children to the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, counting and using numbers. Children are encouraged to become independent learners through art, music, free choice play, large and small motor skill activities. Social and academic skills are enhanced by this more structured program.

2019-2020 Program 

Classes begin on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.


To register your child for one of our programs, please fill out the enrollment form and return it along with a non-refundable application fee for each application.

$60 registration for each child (includes t-shirt)

$50 registration for each child for returning families


Enrollment Form

2019-2020 Brochure

Send Enrollment To:

Christ Baptist Preschool

3810 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076

Age Groups

Two & 1/2 Year Olds

Tuesday & Thursday

9:00-11:30 Children must be 3 by March 31, 2020


Three Year Olds

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Days depend on size of class.


Children must be 3 by August 1, 2019


Four Year Olds

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Children must be 4 by August 1, 2019


Two-&-1/2-Year-Old Class

$810 per year

Payable in nine payments of $90 each month

September - May


Three-Year-Old Class

$1215 per year

Payable in nine payments of $135 each month

September - May


Four-Year-Old Class

$1575 per year

Payable in nine payments of $175 each month

September - May

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at (859) 360-1819.